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Headlines like this do not just happen:

  • “Henry Perkins, an organic dairy farmer from Albion, brought a sign to Washington last week that read "Let Them Eat Grass." After two days of debate, a federal advisory panel on the organic industry took Perkins' message to heart.”
  • “In the first round to address the dispute, smaller farms appear to have scored a small victory.”

These headlines happened because of the networking that NODPA has encouraged and facilitated.

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More Reasons to Donate to NODPA

Organic farming is a unique lifestyle and occupation that provides many invaluable rewards for families who choose to live their ideals. But that should not be exploited. Organic dairy farmers and their families are dedicated, hardworking and independent with a wide range of skills and a high level of knowledge of the intricacies of organic livestock and crop production. These skills include business planning, negotiating contracts, operating and maintaining high tech equipment, and working with bankers, salesmen and federal, state and organic inspectors.

Do YOU believe that these families who are custodians of a healthy environment for everybody should:

    1. Have a sustainable living wage?
    2. Compete on a level playing field?
    3. Have USDA National Organic Program as an effective accreditor for the organic seal to preserve and enforce organic integrity?

Organic integrity are the cornerstones of a sustainable organic dairy industry that provides quality, third party certified products from organic dairy farms.

Donate to NODPA now to ensure organic integrity, a level playing field for all farmers and a sustainable family lifestyle.

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NODPA's mission:

“To enable organic family dairy farmers, situated across an extensive area, to have informed discussion about matters critical to the well being of the organic dairy industry as a whole and to do so in an independent, farmer-driven mode.”