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Employment Opportunities

HELP WANTED: Livestock Manager at Balfour Farm, Pittsfield, ME. This is Full Time and Year Round. Balfour Farm is a diversified organic dairy farm and creamery located in Pittsfield, Maine and established in 2010. We milk up to 20 Normande cows. All milk is processed on site. The farm is off grid. We milk year round. Whey from our cheesemaking is fed to our pig herd and we have a flock of 200-350 laying hens.We use rotational grazing and put up our own hay. We are in the process of becoming part of the DGA network. Livestock Manager primary duties include milking, animal health, feeding , watering, fencing, record keeping. Full details can be found on our website:, call (207)213-3159, or email: ADDED: 4-5-24
Location: Pittsfield, ME

HELP WANTED: Managment Position
Nice organic dairy farm in Western NY seeks to add a management capable farmer or couple to our team. About 100 cows to milk with room for more. Well capitalized with excellent market, and good future climate potential. call or email to respond: doug murphy,, 216-401-1052. ADDED: 8/31/23
Location: Sherman NY

Chaseholm Farm seeks a highly motivated and hardworking individual who is interested in pursuing a career in regenerative livestock farming. The position is for a herdsperson who will be managing both our small dairy herd and our growing beef herd. The position is year round and starts 10/15 of 2023.

Chaseholm Farm is a third generation family dairy located in New York’s Hudson Valley. We are certified Organic and 100% Grass-Fed. Our passion is growing the highest quality food and providing the highest quality care for our herd, while enhancing the ecological function of our landbase. In 2023-2024 we will be milking 10-12 cows, mostly Holstein and Jersey crosses. The milk is sold through several channels: raw, as yogurt, and made into cheese at Chaseholm Creamery. We also currently manage a herd of 60 grassfed beef cattle and raise 40 pastured pigs each year.

Our current team (August 2023) is made up of two full time farmers and two part time staff. Our team is majority queer and Chaseholm Farm is proud to have a deeply queer friendly work environment. That said, we would be happy to welcome people of all identities to our team. Maintaining a close knit and positive work environment built on trust and mutual respect is very important to us.

Qualified applicants must be hard workers with excellent communication skills, and love and compassion for animals. Three years of dairy farming experience is a requirement; management experience is a strong plus. Tractor and Skid Steer experience is required. Must be willing and prepared to work in all weather.

This position will include all aspects of managing a small grass-fed dairy and beef herd, including once daily milking 4-5 times per week, rotationally grazing our herds, putting up feed in the summertime, and feeding it out in the wintertime. Most of our milk is made into direct-market dairy products, so the position may include customer interactions. Dairy farming is year round, 365 days a year. Some days start early, and some days run long. That being said, we strive to manage our farm holistically, with a focus on quality of life and getting people the time off they need.

Livestock: Our livestock are to be respected and well-cared for at all times. For the dairy herd this includes feed and grazing management, fencing, milking, heat detection, coordinating with the vet when needed and record keeping. For our beef herd this means feed and grazing management, irrigation management, daily fencing, herd health observation and action, coordinating with the vet around preg checks, castrations and emergencies, and low stress livestock handling.

Milkhouse management: We are a NYS licensed raw milk dairy and so proper milkhouse management and maintenance ensures the quality and safety of our products.

Farm equipment, machinery, tools, tractors, vehicles: You will be expected to safely operate farm tools, machinery and equipment. We make most of our own winter feed as baleage and dry hay and you will have the opportunity to assist in this work.

Regenerative agriculture: We are on a journey to restore vitality to our soils in a belief that healthy soils lead not just to nutrient dense foods, but can also address the negative environmental impact that many types of agriculture have on the planet. Our path is not always clear, and often consists of trial and error in an effort to come to a closer understanding of biological systems and how to more fully support soil life.

This is an hourly position, starting at $18 commensurate with experience, 40-50 hours/week. Housing is available in a shared house in Pine Plains, 3 miles from the farm.

If you’d like to apply for this position, please send a current resume and a letter of interest describing your background, education, work history, farming interests, and why you would be the best fit for this role to Please include three references, including their phone numbers and email addresses. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Sarah Chase,, 518-339-2071. ADDED 8/27/23
Location: Pine Plains, NY