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GMO Labeling Law passes in VT

NODPA News Editor Lisa McCrory and her husband Carl Russell at the GMO labelling law celebration

In a landmark bill a GMO labeling bill was passed recently in Vermont with no trigger that requires other neighboring states to have similar bill in place. The bill requires labeling as of July 1, 2016, on many food products (not milk and meat though) that contain genetically modified ingredients, which often includes corn, soy, and canola. Food manufacturers say some 70-80 percent of packaged food on a typical supermarket's store shelves would need to be labeled. The bill grants the Attorney General's Office the job of establishing rules surrounding the labels. While many folks have been involved in this fight, NODPA’s first director and now Newsletter and Web editor, Lisa McCrory, has been working on this issue since 1999. Congratulation to Lisa and her husband Carl for their great work and dedication to the cause of knowing what is in our food. You can see the video of Lisa and Carl’s speech (as Rural Vermont board members and representative farmers) at the celebration of the GMO labeling law at