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Farmer Groups meet in DC to discuss how to give farmers more clout in national policy

Building an effective political voice for organic farmers and ranchers in the United States was the subject of a multi-organization meeting in Washington DC in mid-June. Representatives from organic farming and supporting associations from the East, Midwest, Northwest, South, Upper Great Plains and mountain regions representing approximately 1/3 of organic farmers nationwide attended this exploratory meeting. While many organic farmers belong to organizations that already engage in valuable policy focused coalitions, or that do this work on their own, this group came to the conclusion that there is a need for a national organization representing all organic farmers and ranchers. This organization would be a forum where organic farmers can debate and formulate national organic farm policy reflecting the needs and concerns of organic farmers, plus represent organic farmers’ interests and concerns in broader issues where the voice of the organic farmer is needed or desired. Having a place where the media, elected officials, and regulatory agencies can find the undiluted voice of the organic farming community would provide the clout and influence that organic farmers lack at this time. It was not the goal of the exploratory meeting to design a fully develop program, network or organization but it did discuss many ideas and concepts. This group wants to hear from as many farmers or farmer based organizations, as possible from all over the country and to know if they would be willing to participate in the development of a confederation, network or organization to provide for a strong and effective organic farmer voice in the United States. Please get in touch with me by email,, if you have an interest in moving the process forward.