cows in field

Recent Odairy Discussion, February, 2015

The ODairy email list serve hosts robust discussions on many different issues, some practical, some on policy, some on politics and some just exchanging news on the organic community. We heard from Dr. Hue Karreman about the long expected death of Jerry Brunetti, who contributed so much to the growth of organics. On the NODPA website we have many pictures of Jerry at work and at play, especially in the photo-archives of our Field Days. He will be missed. For a reflection on his life, please click here.

ODairy is blessed by having so many committed veterinarians experienced in organic production who take an active part in the discussions on the list serve. There is no one way to solve a health problem in organic production but there was plenty of good advice on how to deal with mastitis. There was also a spirited discussion on methionine role in organic production plus suggestions on how to work with certifiers in making decisions on what can be used in organic livestock production.

Also, Odairy is a great place to advertise animals for sale and organic feed that is available.