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NODPA Website – A wealth of Information

By Lisa McCrory, NODPA News & Web Editor

Added December 9, 2012. Over 11 years ago, the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance was formed with the mission: ‘To enable organic dairy family farmers, situated across an extensive area, to have informed discussion about matters critical to the well being of the organic dairy industry as a whole.’ In order to see this mission through, it was necessary to create a mode of communication that could reach all organic producers.

In order to effectively communicate to all organic dairy producers in the Northeast, NODPA decided to publish a regular print newsletter, complete with industry updates, and organic production articles; livestock health, crops and soils, research and education, and a calendar and classified section. Our newsletter has grown from a 4-page quarterly newsletter in 2002 to a 40-page bi-monthly publication today.

Shortly after the start of our NODPA Newsletter, we developed a website where we could store a growing number of our timeless and historical NODPA News issues, communicate to a larger network on a national and international scale, and share a broad assortment of important resources and hot-off-the-press industry updates. Over the years, NODPA staff have written and published hundreds of timeless articles and stories on a range of topics, from certification to livestock health, from parasite management to genetics, from forages and grains to the economics of organic dairy farming.

To find these FREE articles, click on Featured Farms or Resources, located on the left hand menu bar. There you will find a number of article categories to choose from:

  • Over 40 Featured Farm articles
  • Transitioning Resources
  • Certification Resources
  • Production Resources
  • Livestock Health
  • Grazing
  • Forage & Grains
  • Soil Health
  • Parasite Management
  • Animal Welfare
  • Livestock Genetics
  • Economics of Production
  • Organic Dairy Webinars
  • Recommended Books
  • Research Updates
  • Renewable Energy
  • Organizations & Links
  • Business Issues

Each year, NODPA hosts a two-day NODPA Field Days in one of the Northeastern states. In the Field Days Archives you’ll find great photographs for many of the years the event has been held, along with associated articles.

For those interested in communicating with a network of organic dairy producers, veterinarians, certifiers, processors, educators and other service-providers we encourage you to join our Organic Dairy Listserv called NODPA-Odairy. To subscribe to this FREE listserv, please click on O-dairy Listserv located on the left hand menu bar for instructions on how to join. We have stored all the posts in NODPA’s Odairy archives and our NODPA President and Newsletter Associate Editor, Liz Bawden, writes a regular NODPA News column for us summarizing the high points. Perhaps some of her articles will help you search out pertinent discussion threads.

A few years ago, we started sending out a monthly e-Newsletter, which has been very well received. We have a list of over 1100 subscribers and the numbers are steadily growing. The e-Newsletter includes some of our NODPA News articles, including our Feature Farmer piece, up-to-date Feed and Milk prices, organic production pieces, calendar, classifieds, and relevant and timely industry news. To sign up for our E-Newsletter, click on ‘E-Letter Signup’ just below NODPA’s banner on our home page.

If you find these on-line resources useful to you, please let us know! If there are subjects that have not been covered, please let us know what they are and we will try to have an article on the subject in a future issue of the NODPA News. If you have articles you’d like to be considered, please send them our way. If you have not renewed your NODPA News subscription recently, please do so. Your generous annual contribution helps cover the costs of growing and maintaining our website and continuing to publish the bi-monthly NODPA News and the monthly NODPA E-Newsletter.