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Online Resources, February 2014

ATTRA Resources
for Intensive Grazing

The following ATTRA publications and resources include useful information related to intensive grazing management. These resources and many more can be found in the Livestock and Pasture section of ATTRA’s website,

Call 800-346-9140 for printed copies. Prices vary. Many resources are free.

SP* titles are also available in Spanish.

  • A Brief Overview of Nutrient Cycling in Pastures IP221
  • Assessing the Pasture Soil Resource IP128
  • Converting Cropland to Perennial Grassland IP244
  • Dung Beetle Benefits in the Pasture Ecosystem CT155
  • Grazing Contracts for Livestock IP247
  • Grazing Networks for Livestock Producers CT166
  • Managed Grazing in Riparian Areas IP223
  • Multispecies Grazing CT147
  • Nutrient Cycling in Pastures IP136
  • Paddock Design, Fencing, and Water Systems for Controlled Grazing IP152
  • Pasture, Rangeland, and Grazing Management IP306
  • Pastures: Going Organic IP297
  • Pressure-Treated Wood: Organic and Natural Alternatives IP362
  • Rotational Grazing IP086
  • Ruminant Nutrition for Graziers IP318 SP*
  • Tools for Managing Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants: Animal Selection IP400
  • Tools for Managing Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants: Pasture Management IP401
  • Pastures: Sustainable Management IP284
  • Protecting Riparian Areas: Farmland Management

Added February 11, 2014. Looking for some useful websites that can help you with your grazing strategies or provide insights on the economics of organic dairy production? Below are a few resources that NODPA would like to share with its readers.

Do you know of some on-line resources that you would like to share with the NODPA readership? Let us know! We would love to share your resource connections in a future issue of the NODPA News.

Agricultural Insights is a blog dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture around the world. We are reminded daily about how agriculture has a negative impact on people, communities, animals and the planet as a whole. The mission of this website is to change that negative energy into positive; real world solutions that will benefit mankind and all the inhabitants of earth for generations to come. Producers note: this website has a lot of good information for graziers, including a series of podcast interviews with many recognizable leaders in grazing and holistic management circles including some recent posts by Temple Grandin, and Ann Adams of Holistic Management International. Others include Ian Mitchell-Innes, Gabe Brown, Greg Judy, and Fred Provenza.

Website address:

Case Studies of Organic Dairies: From conventional management to organic certification, these case studies cover the farmers’ stories starting with their days as conventional farmers, through their organic transition, and into a couple years as certified organic producers.

Transition to organic dairy case study: Franklin Family Farm (Guilford, Vermont). By Lisa McCrory and Robert Parsons. 2013. [Online]. eXtension Foundation, eOrganic Community of Practice. Available at:

Transition to organic dairy case study: Fournier Farm (Swanton, Vermont). By Lisa McCrory, Robert Parsons, B. Wallis, and S. Flack. 2013. [Online]. eXtension Foundation, eOrganic Community of Practice. Available at:

Transition to organic dairy case study: Hall and Breen Farm LLC (Orwell, Vermont). By Lisa McCrory and Robert Parsons. 2013. [Online]. eXtension Foundation, eOrganic Community of Practice. Available at: