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It’s November: Time for the Annual NODPA Fund Drive

Added November 20, 2017. Has your NODPA Fund Drive letter arrived? When it does, we hope you will consider all the ways NODPA works for Organic Dairy farm families and those who support the industry, and send in your annual contribution. If you already support NODPA through the monthly Milk Check Assignment or during NODPA’s Field Days, we say thanks!

Do you wonder how the events happening in Washington, whether in Congress or at the USDA, are impacting your organic dairy farm? NODPA is the only independent organic dairy farmer-controlled organization that represents your interests and can keep you informed of what is happening before it is too late to act. Are you wondering how to be informed of what the different processors are paying and what opportunities exist to sell your milk? Do you want to know and understand the current retail price for organic milk? Are you interested in learning new and successful animal health care methods, new production practices, and what other producers are doing? The NODPA News print edition, NODPA E-newsletter, and the NODPA website are full of the best and most up-to-date information.

2017 saw a massive drop in pay price for most producers and an oversupply of organic milk that we anticipate will take until well into 2018 to adjust. Even though the Northeast is an organic milk deficit area, all producers have been hit by a $2-8 drop in pay price (a $10 drop for some by spring of 2018) and most a form of quota. Now, more than ever, NODPA needs to be able to speak clearly and loudly about the reasons for the glut of organic milk and the solutions that will mitigate the situation in the future. We are speaking out with solutions that increase accountability and close loopholes, like the one time transition allowance that Congress can change as part of the Farm Bill.

We take testimony to the NOSB and directly to the USDA, to show that organic producers need the same protections against exploitation that conventional producers do. An organic Margin Protection Program and possibly an organic version of the FMMO will be avenues to explore. The Department of Justice agreed with us that in many areas of the country there is a monopsony on the supply side, with only a couple of buyers of organic milk. We won the case to keep Stonyfield independent and created a great precedent to fight for producers’ rights to a fair marketplace.
NODPA provides a wide range of resources and services, such as hosting and moderating the ODairy listserv, publishing the print newsletter (NODPA News) 6-times per year, the monthly e-newsletter, managing the resource-rich website, organizing and hosting the annual NODPA Field Days, and providing advocacy on behalf of all organic dairy farm families through membership in the National Organic Coalition. Although we keep costs to a minimum, there are still bills to pay and your generous support is needed.

“NODPA supporters are dedicated organic dairy farmers and industry professionals; hardworking, committed to the principles of organic farming and focused on operating their businesses in the most efficient and informed way possible,” said organic dairy producer and NODPA Board President Liz Bawden, “We work long hours and have come to expect reliable information delivered in the most convenient manner possible, and NODPA does just that! We know you depend on NODPA for the latest organic dairy news and education and that your support is a vote for the work we do.”
“Many organic dairy farmers already support NODPA with their monthly Milk Check Assignment, and that continues to be a great way to support NODPA. And, we also offer Business Memberships,” said Ed Maltby, NODPA Executive Director, “and applications for both are on page 37 of this newsletter, or on our website,” “If you didn’t receive a letter in the mail or have misplaced it, you can also donate online at”, said Nora Owens, NODPA Fundraising Campaign Coordinator. And, if you have questions or need assistance, please give her a call at 413-772-0444 or email her at Your generous financial support will help NODPA continue to provide the valuable resources and services that you have come to depend on, so please take a moment and send in your pledge today.