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Added November 13, 2013. Have you received your NODPA Fundraising letter yet? If not, it should be in your mailbox any day. When it arrives, we hope you will consider all the ways NODPA works for Organic Dairy farm families and those who support the industry, and send in your check, cash or credit card payment as soon as possible. And, if you already support NODPA through a monthly Milk Check Assignment or during NODPA’s Field Days, we say thanks!

NODPA provides a wide range of resources and services, such as hosting and moderating the Odairy list serve, publishing the print newsletter (NODPA News) 6-times per year, monthly e-newsletter, website, annual Field Days, and advocacy on behalf of all organic dairy farm families through membership in the National Organic Coalition. We keep costs to a minimum but there are still bills to pay. We know you depend on NODPA for the latest organic dairy news and education and that your support is a vote for the work we do.

Worried about what the “suits” in Washington DC are up to? NODPA is the only independent organic dairy farmer controlled organization that represents your interest and can keep you informed of what is happening before it is too late to act.

Wondering how to be informed of what different processors are paying and different opportunities to sell your milk? Want to know and understand the current retail price for organic milk? Interested in new, and old, animal health care methods, new production practices, and what other producers are doing? The NODPA News print edition, the Enewsletter and the NODPA website are full of the best and most up to date information.

This year, beginning in this issue, we are expanding our coverage in the NODPA News in response to your requests. Producers will be sending in regional round-ups in order to keep everyone informed about what’s happening throughout the country. The current chair of the National Organic Standards Board, Jean Richardson, will be writing a regular column to open the door to more producer involvement and understanding of what the Board is and does. We will also add an occasional Ask the Vet column, based on the very popular NODPA Field Days workshop of the same name, and everyone is welcome to submit questions.

“We all have come to depend on NODPA’s reliable information and advocacy on behalf of organic dairy farmers and it just makes sense to support this organization that does so much for us,” observed NODPA Board President Liz Bawden, “and we recognize that you regularly support your community and the organizations you value, including NODPA. Your financial support will help NODPA continue to provide the valuable resources and services that we all have come to rely on.”

If you haven’t received your letter in the mail, or have misplaced it, you can pay online at

Nora Owens would be happy to answer any questions you might have and she can be reached at: or by calling 413-772-0444.