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Added January 22, 2013

Fed up with paperwork! Too much bureaucracy in organic! Prefer to be outside farming rather than filling out forms! Why can’t they keep it simple!

No, unfortunately we can’t change the certification process (although we did ask Secretary Vilsack in person to help us do that last week), but we can make it easier for you to support NODPA. NODPA staff are farmers first and NODPA professionals second and one thing we hate is bureaucracy. We’d prefer to get the work done and get outside.

We also want to keep it simple for our producer members and supporters.

At the last NODPA Field Days the NODPA Board and State Reps agreed that we would change our subscription from being variable throughout the year to having all subscriptions come due in January of each year. This will make it easier for producers and subscribers to budget the very competitive dues and also simplify the paperwork attached to sending out renewal reminders. Shortly after you receive this newsletter you will receive an invoice reminder for an annual subscription to support NODPA’s work and continue receiving NODPA’s bi-monthly print publication.

As you consider how to support NODPA you may be wondering where your money goes and what it supports. We believe our job is to devote all our resources to representing the views and needs of organic dairy farm families, especially around pay-price and organic integrity; to provide producers and all those interested in organic dairy with information, opinion, news, production advice and support; to represent producers’ opinions to USDA NOP and to Congress; and to be that squeaky wheel or loud megaphone that reminds folks that without organic dairy producers there is no product to process, package, market, distribute, sell and consume.

What will your dues, subscriptions and donations be used for in 2013?

Pay price and net farm incomes: with only two national buyers of organic milk, producers are left with few choices when selling their milk and very little leverage in any negotiations on pay-price. NODPA will continue to advocate directly to processors, retailers and consumers about the need for a fair price for producers and a fair share of the retail dollar. NODPA will continue to meet with processors and will provide the media with information that highlights the inequity that organic dairy producers face: loss of net income, no return on equity, increased input costs, and feed prices which are double what they were in 2010. At the very least, organic dairy producers should have the same share of the retail dollar as conventional dairy.

DC and USDA Representation: with Congress in disarray and many different interest groups advocating for their positions, NODPA as an executive committee member of the National Organic Coalition and as a member of the National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition, New England Farmers Union and Accredited Certifiers Association, will ensure that the producer voice is heard and paid attention to as policy and regulations are made. In 2013 we will see lots of important activity within the National Organic Program which will include: the Origin of Livestock Proposed Rule; vaccines; simplifying organic certification; GE testing and contamination of organic crops; GE labeling; availability of organic seed; and cost share for certification expenses.

Six issues of the NODPA News delivered to your door or your email: Under the expert editorial control of Lisa McCrory and the dedicated graphic design of Chris Hill, we are committed to continuing the high quality and independence which the NODPA News has become known for. The article and opinions expressed will be relevant and carefully researched and we will continue to feature articles form leaders of the organic community.

Twelve E-Newsletters and a website that is regularly updated and easy to navigate: As the NODPA News provides information for those that enjoy the printed format, the enewsletter and website carry most of our published articles plus other reference documents that are useful to both producers and the media. NODPA is a primary source of information for many media outlets and our website provides an independent analysis of organic dairy plus many features on farm families that actually produce the organic milk.

NODPA-ODAIRY Listserve: NODPA moderates and provides technical support to this unique and highly respected list serve that allows civil discourse on everything of interest (or not) to organic dairy producers, consumers, regulators, reporters and professional administrators. Posts to the listserve can be highly opinionated views or simple exchange of information similar to those conversations that usually take place in the parking lot after a meeting, where the peer mentoring and education really happen. All posts are archived on the NODPA website for future reference.

13th Annual NODPA Field Days and Annual Meeting: In 2013 we will build on the success of the 2012 Field Days and provide an educational event that allows for folks to visit, eat well and express their opinions within a relaxed setting.

When that invoice comes through your door do not hesitate to write out a check and send it back immediately, before it gets lost on the pile. Or, pay online. Thank you for your support; we can’t do this without you!!