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Feature Farm Articles Archive

Recent Additions:

The Burroughs Family Farm: Denair, CA
FEATURE FARM, ADDED MAY 17, 2010: The Burroughs family has been farming in the San Joaquin Valley of California since 1896. Today, their ranch features two certified organic dairies, an almond farm, a pastured egg business ... and much more. Learn more >

Twin Oaks Dairy, LLC: Truxton, NY
Added March 9, 2010. In this interview with Kathie Arnold, we highlight the pasture portion of Twin Oaks Dairy as well as Kathie’s tireless efforts in making sure that the USDA NOP gave us what we were asking for: a level playing field, true use of pasture as a significant portion of the ruminant diet, and measurable standards that all certified farms – both large and small – must adhere to.

Triple D Acres: New Sharon, Maine:
John and Marcia Donald, Jeff Donald and Frank Donald Jr.
Added January 11, 2010. Hard work and some basic principles to manage their farm efficiently and profitably have provided Triple D Acres with consistent high quality forages, superior milk, and Maine’s 2009 Outstanding Farm of the Year by New England Green Pastures Program.

Scholten Family Farm: Weybridge, Vermont
Added December 3, 2009. Roger and Patty Scholten started organic production two and a half years ago, and are already producing delicious artisanal cheeses. Learn more >

Maedke Family Dairy: Coleman, Wisconsin
Added September 14, 2009. John Maedke & his wife Bonnie found the transition to organic production, which they completed in December 2002, easier than they expected. Their greatest challenge? Getting acclimated to the grazing management requirements. MORE >

Hails Family Farm: Processing, Local Sales ... & Wholesale
Added July 1, 2009. Talk about a diversified operation. Paul and Joyce Hail of Wyalusing, PA have a grade A processing plant on farm, make cheese, butter, yogurt and cream cheese, run a small CSA, and sell to local and national markets. MORE >

Hall & Breen, LLC
Added May, 2009. A lifestyle, a livelihood, and a father/daughter partnership with a future. More >

Organic Dairy, Environmentalism and Community Action:
Added March 2009. Meet John Kinsman, a Wisconsin dairy farmer who has been stewarding his land for over 50 years. MORE >

Raindance Farm: High Forage, Low Grain Diet Keeps
87-Cow Operation Running Smoothly

Added January 11, 2009. Siobhan Griffin, along with children Keira & Dale, & partner Rob Grassi, put the focus on their 250 acre pasture system. MORE >

Amos Nolt: For Organic Dairy, No Grain, No Problem
Nolt, an Ohio CROPP/Organic Valley member, relies on top forages, barley baleage and chicken manure. MORE >
Added November 7, 2008

Forgues Family Farm: Early Leaders in Organic
Travis Forgues (pictured with his wife Amy, below) and his father Henry transitioned to organic in 1997. Looking for markets for their milk in 1999, they pushed for a NE dairy producers summit that birthed NODPA. Learn more about their story and their operation. Added September 5, 2008

Desperation Acres: A Haven of Sustainability
3rd Generation Farmers Bruce & Mari Drinkman of Desperation Acres Farm in Western Wisconsin are in their 3rd year of organic certification, but have always farmed sustainably. MORE >
Added July 3, 2008.

Skyrocketing Costs Put Full-time Farming On Hold
A mix of family and supportive neighbors are making it work for Craig and Angela Russell of Brotherly Farm in Randolph Center, Vermont
Added May, 2008. MORE >

Diversified NH Farm Ships First Organic Milk
Luke and Catarina Mahoney plan on selling meat, eggs and vegetables to local markets to supplement the dairy income from Brookford Farm, the conserved farm they rent.
Added April, 2008. MORE >

Kimball Brook Farm: One of Vermont's Largest Organic Dairies
After attending a NOFA-VT conference in fall of 2003, Cheryl Devos new they had to go organic. Then, she had to sell the idea to her husband JD. Their carefully planned transition took three years to complete, but they started shipping to Horizon in May of 2005. The motivation started out financial, but shifting along the line. Added March 07, 2008. MORE >

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Wright Way Dairy by Lisa McCrory – November 2007

Maple Shade Farm  by Lisa McCrory – August 2007

Segalla Farm  by Lisa McCrory – August 2007

Bawden Farm by Lisa McCrory – November 2006

Taconic End Farm  by Lisa McCrory – August 2006

Spring Wood Organic Dairy Farm by Nora Owens– February 2006

Segalla Farms by Lisa McCrory – November 2005

Journey’s Hope Farm by Lisa McCrory – August 2005

Moore Farms (interview by NODPA Staff) – May 2005

Engelbert Farm by Kevin Engelbert – May 2005

Provident Farm by Dave Johnson – February 2005

Viewpoint Organic Acres by Kathie Arnold – August 2004

Butterworks Farm to Host a NODPA Field Trip by Sarah Flack – May 2004

Applecheek Farm by Lisa McCrory – May 2004

B-A-Blessing Farm by Tammy and John Stoltzfus – February 2004

Chase Hill Dairy Farm by Jonathan von Ransom, NOFA/Mass News – November 2003

Bull Ridge Farm, by Lisa McCrory – May 2003

Caldwell Farm, by Lisa McCrory  -  February 2003

Twin Oaks Dairy, by Lisa McCrory – November 2002



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