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Experienced farm family (husband wife and two sons) seeking opportunity to work with retiring farmer and his wife.  (Added June 18, 2014.) We would like to work towards possible ownership of the farm and cattle and machinery.  My son has started his own herd of 10 organic jersey Holstein crosses and 28 head of pure bred Boer meat goats. He is currently expanding his cow numbers with certified organic heifers we bought from a local farmer but we need to move to an organic dairy so we have room to grow more heifers. Our goal is to bring in our knowledge and our muscle. The heifers when freshening will help pay our way and not be such a financial burden to you. We are open to any suggestions and will work towards a common goal.  Our goal right now is to have an opportunity to get back in farming because we love working with animals and the land. There is no greater reward in life. We also have some well used and maintained machinery that we would bring with us. We have four tractors (one) being completely overhauled right now one recently overhauled at Broome Tioga BOCES in Binghamton New York by my son. I am very proud of him because it’s like new again!!  We can discuss the rest later.  

Our family has grown up on farms and been around the farming industry all our lives.  This year the smell and sight of spring field work has driven us to make the move to pursue our family dream again.  We all love farming and are very willing to openly work with the farmer to help him be successful as this will make us successful.  We currently reside in Newark Valley, New York, which is just west of Binghamton.  We would like to stay in the north east but we are willing to go elsewhere if the appropriate opportunity was too good to resist. Please don’t hesitate to call at any time with any question you may have about us.     

You can contact us at:  

Frank 607-321-5062  
Tom 607-321-5694   
Minelle 607-321-3684 


















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