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Donations to the Northeast Organic
Dairy Producers Alliance

By donating to the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance you will provide support to:

  1. Administer NODPA which is the largest grassroots farmer organizations in the country that is dedicated to organic dairy farmers’ interests, not to recreating new bureaucracy.
  2. Provide leadership in analyzing the activities of the National Organic Program and communicating that information to farmers, processors, industry representatives and consumers. 
  3. Represent the interests of organic producers at national meeting and work closely with its sister organization in the Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (WODPA), and the Midwest Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (MODPA).
  4. Organize an Annual Meeting and Field Days Event each year at different locations in the northeast.
  5. Produce and distribute the NODPA News bi-monthly newsletter that goes out to over 2,300 subscribers and many different casual readers at events.
  6. Moderate Odairy, the organic dairy electronic discussion group, which has over 980 subscribing members.
  7. NODPA updates and maintains a web site filled with resources including educational information on animal health and grazing management, industry news, certification, classifieds, calendar events, and a business directory.
  8. Work constantly to retain the integrity and consistent application of organic dairy standards in order to uphold consumer expectations and provide a sustainable future. 
  9. Administer and grow NODPA’s Farmer Emergency Fund to assist organic dairy farmers.

To donate securely through PayPal using a credit card or check online, please click on the donate button below that corresponds to the amount you would like to donate to the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance

$100 to become a supporter of NODPA

$300 to become a Friend of NODPA  

$500 to become a NODPA Sponsor

$1,000 to become a NODPA Patron

$2,000+ to become a NODPA Benefactor

We thank you for your support.



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