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2018 NODPA Fund Drive Is Underway

Please Support NODPA NOW With Your Annual Dues & Donations


The crisis in organic dairy is very personal to us all. When contracts are lost and pay price drops by 25%, boot strapping becomes the reality for the whole farm family. NODPA’s service to producers is to give them avenues for venting and sharing experiences, either in person, in print or through the internet. The stark truth is that organic dairy farm families are the casualties of the market monopoly by two national buyers, a handful of large dairies and poor enforcement of regulations. Now, more than ever, NODPA needs to be able to speak clearly and loudly about the solutions that will mitigate the situation in the future.

We are speaking out about the accountability of certifiers, the NOP, and organic dairy buyers in order to close loopholes and protect the integrity of the organic seal with consumers. We work with other advocates to bring the maximum pressure to bear while also sitting down with different buyers to discuss ways that we can work together on enforcement. We take testimony to the USDA NOP and NOSB, in person when funds are available, but by email, phone and conference calls when not. We highlight the problems; show that the pay price is not a premium but covers higher input costs; and illustrate the ingenuity and dedication of organic dairy farm families. We remind those in power that organic producers need protections against exploitation, both on the Federal level and under contract law. NODPA is presenting some of the answers to these problems whether it’s looking at supply management, an organic Margin Protection Program or possibly an organic version of the FMMO.

Most of all, NODPA keeps the issues in front of the people that count in Washington and with consumers, and we will continue to work with other producers groups across the country to defend producers’ rights. No other group can do that as effectively and with the same integrity as NODPA, which is why your support this year is so critical.

As we launch NODPA’s 2018 annual fundraising campaign, we’d like to thank all of you who supported NODPA in 2017 by sending in your subscription and/ or donation, by directing that your check-off monies be paid to NODPA, or by adding your subscription to your Field Days registration.

You supported the NODPA News, the ODairy Listserv, NODPA Field Days and NODPA’s website, and made it possible for NODPA to take your concerns to Washington DC. With your support we stopped the organic checkoff and defended the democratic rights of all organic producers.

During NODPA’s annual fundraising campaign, we ask you to renew your support of the services you need and value. NODPA’s ability to provide these services is reliant on our one-time per year fund drive, plus advertising, sponsorship and business membership. When there is a downturn in income for producers, suppliers are also affected which has an impact on how much they can advertise or sponsor our products and events. We keep costs to a minimum BUT there are still bills to pay. We know you depend on NODPA for the latest organic dairy news and education. Your support is a vote for the work we do.

Please pledge your support for NODPA today by paying the enclosed invoice for $45.00 or a greater contribution if you can, or pay by credit card online (www. If you have already pledged, thank you and please think about adding an additional contribution. With your financial support, NODPA can continue to provide the valuable resources and services that you depend on. And, our sincerest thanks to our business supporters and advertisers for their ongoing support.

You may have already received this NODPA Fund Drive letter and your invoice in the mail. Please return the invoice and your payment in the envelope included with the letter at your earliest convenience. If you have questions or need assistance, please call Nora Owens at 413-772-0444 or email her at noraowens@ And, if you know someone who has not received our letter or would like to become a NODPA member, please call or email their contact information to us. Again, thank you all for your generous, ongoing support that is critical to NODPA’s ability to best serve the national Organic Dairy community.